The UnTournament

Next weekend, Sunday the 20th March, we’re running The UnTournament – a chance for HEMA fighters to fence new people under pseudo-tournament conditions. Not a tournament. It just looks like one from a distance!

Come and get practice fighting under tournament conditions, with judges, scorekeepers, etc. All counting for nothing because there will be no tournament or prizes! For us it’s not only a chance to get experience judging and organising, but also to iron out any issues with a test-run.

OK, maybe we’ll award a cuddly toy for “technique of the day” or something.

Sword and Buckler note:- we’ll be running some test S&B matches, too. Assuming that matches get run on the timescales we’ve experienced in our other testing, and that the S&B tests seem to work, we’ll be adding sword and buckler to the Astolat competitions list.

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